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A selection of our current and recent work


Watercare Wastewater Discharge Consent - Cultural Impact Assessment

GMD Consultants has provided ongoing support to Te Taniwha o Waikato, in relation to the Watercare Wastewater Discharge at Parker Lane Stream. The CIA has resulted in significant improvements to the discharge quality, through the use of technology that is superior to any used in New Zealand. This multiyear project has seen greater understanding of all parties concerns and drivers, in particular the values and uses that Te Taniwha o Waikato deem important when protecting the Waikato River. For further information on this project, contact Gavin Donald


An Ecosystem Services Approach to Policy Development for Waikato Regional Council

GMD Consultants have prepared a report for Waikato Regional Council setting out how ecosystem services can form a key part of the policy development and decision making process. The process aims to add richness to the information that decision makers have to consider, and reflect the mutliple benefits (social, economic and cultural) that communities derive from our natural capital. For further information please contact Dylan Gardiner on


Waikato Regional Council, Plan Change 1 - Healthy Rivers | Wai Ora

GMD Consultants are supporting Waikato Regional Council with the RMA Schedule 1 processs. GMD are currently assisting with summarising and reviewing submissions, and providing technical assistance with consultation with iwi. For further information please contact Gavin Donald on


New Plymouth and Stratford District Council Bylaw Development

GMD Consultants have been engaged jointly by NPDC and SDC to develop a bylaw to address issues relating to health and hygiene concerns within the beauty therapy, body piercing and tattoo industries. A significant amount of engagement with local businesses, environmental health officers, and industry leaders has occurred in the development of the draft bylaw. For further information on this ongoing project please contact Emma Wright on


Indigenous Biodiversity Management Guidance

GMD Consultants are working with Waikato Regional Council to develop guidance on how the indigenous biodiversity chapter of the Waikato Regional Policy Statement can be given effect to through district plans. The guidance will have a particular focus on the no net loss and offsetting directives in the Waikato Regional Policy Statement. A key part of developing the guidance is to engage with a variety of stakeholders and to review national direction and guidance. For further information please contact Kirsty Graveling on


Te Rapa Wastewater Discharge Consent - Cultural Impact Assessment

GMD Consultants is currently providing support to Turangawaewae Marae, in relation to the Fonterra Wastewater Discharge Consent at Te Rapa. The CIA being developed focuses on the ability of the proposal to meet its statutory obligations but more importantly how the proposal effects the values and uses of Turangawaewae Marae members. For further information on this project, contact Gavin Donald


Ngaruawahia Community Facilities Project

GMD Consultants continue to provide support to the Ngaruawahia Community Board and Waikato District Council in the development of a community facility. The project is out for consultation currently with high level drawings having been provided to the community. For further information on this project, contact Gavin Donald