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GMD Consultants are committed to making a positive contribution to the Waikato community and New Zealand, and actively seek opportunities where we can assist. GMD Consultants was established in Hamilton in 2014 and has grown quickly as a result of community connections and support. As a result, there is a loyalty felt by all at GMD Consultants which means GMD regularly ‘gives back’ to the community.


GMD are very proud that multiple Waikato University graduates have been given their first role out of university with GMD. These opportunities are seen as invaluable for both graduates and GMD, to both gain experience and futureproof the profession. The location of the team means that the majority of funds generated by GMD are spent in the Waikato economy.

GMD have also supported the New Zealand Planning Institute (NZPI), in particular the youth planner group ‘Emerging Planners’ through sponsoring events and providing staff time to contribute to the success of the group.

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