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Founded in 2014, GMD Consultants is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the current business environment. GMD has brought together driven planning, policy and strategy professionals who have significant experience both in New Zealand and across the globe. This experience is a broad blend of time spent with district and regional councils, engineering companies and private consultancies.

GMD Consultants are focused on being flexible for their clients. GMD is small enough to be agile and available but is well connected in terms of ability to resource. This means no job is too large or too small, with the networks that are available to GMD.

GMD Consultants’ vision and value as an organisation is simple - we aspire to be the Waikato region’s first ‘port of call’ when planning, public policy, environmental and strategy development advice is required. We believe we are on track to achieve this aspiration and are aware that we need to maintain two key distinguishing factors - the high quality of work we deliver to our clients and the ease with which it is to do business with us. These two points of difference have enabled GMD to grow in what is a very competitive market.

GMD Consultants are committed to the organic growth of the company, which means that already in its relatively short history, GMD has provided employment opportunities to graduates from Waikato University. GMD will continue to look for opportunities to support and develop talented young professionals, as well as those who might have been around a bit longer.

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