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As the situation with COVID-19 continues to develop, the health and well being of the GMD team and our partners remain our primary focus, whilst retaining the ability to fulfil our professional obligations to all our partners.

Our team have all the necessary infrastructure to work remotely, including video and audio conferencing capabilities on all of our phones and laptops. COVID-19 has simply required us to look at the frequency that we work remotely. To this point, the team are for the near future working remotely at locations that they see fits their needs best. The team remains available through the normal means. In addition and like other organisations, we are using discretion and engaging with partners to decided and define when it is necessary for face to face meetings to occur.

In terms of projects, we currently don’t see any effect on deadlines or the ability to deliver as a result of COVID-19. As discussed above, our infrastructure allows us to continue to deliver work remotely. Obviously, this is a fast-moving situation and access to people or resources may change if infection rates increase.


We will continue to keep our valued partners informed if our situation changes. Stay well, stay safe.

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