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John McLeay
Planning Consultant
027 251 9688
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Prior to joining GMD, John worked as a lawyer for over twenty years. He practiced primarily in litigation, representing a wide range of clients involved in civil and commercial disputes. This exposed John to a broad range of people, businesses, and problems, together with an equally broad range of solutions.

John is delighted to bring his drafting, strategic and analytical skills to GMD. Through the preparation and presentation of cases in court, and negotiated settlements, John developed the skills necessary to deliver precise, accurate and pragmatic advice. He saw firsthand that good law is at the heart of a healthy, strong, and fair society. This is true whether the law being considered is an Act of Parliament, a judgment of a court, or a local bylaw. Good law is clear, concise, and effective. It achieves what it is intended to achieve: nothing more and nothing less.

John’s legal experience also demonstrated that while technical excellence is vital to successfully meet clients’ needs, adding creativity to the mix can transform a good solution into a great solution. John brings a combination of technical precision and a practical, creative approach to his work at GMD.

John is working primarily in GMD’s bylaw team. He is currently involved in reviewing and drafting bylaws for several local authorities. John enjoys using his legal knowledge and experience to support GMD’s work as they provide clients with world-class guidance and support.

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